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Want the most fun out of a theater? The best way to go is with a Front Projection Theater system. If done right, there is nothing better to watch your movies, sports, and favorite high definition TV shows.

Georgia Home Theater installs systems that are in the tens of thousands of dollars with some systems so expensive that the budget could buy a nice home. When a client presents you with a large budget, it becomes easy to pick out the components. But, what about a project with a smaller budget?

Georgia Home Theater knows what the best equipment is, but we also spend time looking for great equipment that has the best value for your dollar. We feel that our "Consumer's Top Pick" system will compete with the big boys, giving great sound and picture quality but remain within smaller budgets; it is a system that will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends.

The Epson 9700, at only $3,100, is one of the clearest and brightest projectors on the market. It competes with projectors that cost three times as much. Epson uses a 3LCD, 3-Chip Technology to deliver an image that will amaze even the most discerning video eye. It looks great even in rooms with some ambient light. This unit is also able to be upgraded to an anamorphic lens for 2.35 viewing, and comes with a spare lamp. Best of all, Epson has a 3 year warranty and will replace this projector if something goes wrong.

The TritonCinema Two System combines one pair of Triton Two Towers with a SuperSat 50C center channel as well as a pair of SuperSat 3 satellites for rear surround channels. The twin 1200 Watt subwoofers built into the towers are able to handle the thunderous low frequencies of your best movies. This perfectly timbre-matched system will deliver superior three-dimensional surround sound performance with both music and movies.

From early design, Integra and THX work together to ensure every detail is at THX’s high performance standards. Integra's amplification power, sound quality, and usability are the best of all A/V Receivers. The Integra 30.3 is THX Certified with two zones of extra sound. This allows you to listen to a movie in your theater and music in any other household room. The unit has 7.2 channels of sound for future expandability. With 100 Watts of Standard Power and 200+ Watts of Dynamic Power, this receiver will rock your house.

Also included in this system is a 100" high contrast professional Film Screen, Sony Blu-ray DVD Player, HDMI Cabling, Custom Universal Remote Programmed Control RF System, Surge Protection from Panamax, and best of all, this system is installed by our highly skilled techs here at Georgia Home Theater with matched support after the install.

It's time to turn your Living Room, Basement or Bonus Room into a fabulous Theater at only $10,595 plus tax.

CALL 770-955-8909 FOR YOUR INSTALL TO BE COMPLETE BY CHRISTMAS! We are currently scheduled one week out, however, this will change as more people want to get their systems installed before Christmas and the Superbowl.

SYSTEM NOTE: Installation is for most homes in Metro Atlanta that have access either above or below the theater room we are installing the system in. If your home has no access, your price may increase. If an item is out of stock by the manufacturer, we will consult with you on an equal to or better replacement piece.