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Classé Audio

Classé Audio offers a collection of complementary world-class processing and amplication components to complete you soundstage. Owned and operated by renowned Bowers & Wilkins since 2001, Classé has pioneered to the forefront of contemporary deluxe audio design with its access to high-end financial and distribution resources of its parent company. Designed for music and movie lovers who appreciate both style and sophistication, Classé's electronics can only be described as beautiful, both visually and sonically. Premium quality parts enhance the performance and reliability of Classé components to allow direct responsiveness to both quick and slow movements. Creating an expansive soundstage full of detail and ambience provides users with a truly breathtaking entertainment experience. Instead of simply hearing an instrument play, listeners are instantly transported to the original concert hall to experience the instrument performing fully in its natural space. Additionally, Classé Audio components are built to last a lifetime. Whether it's amplifiers, preamps/processors, or integrated amplifiers, customers will experience a lifetime of enjoyment long after its price is forgotten. 

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