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Digital Music Technology

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Digital has become the most used form of music media for casual and hardcore listeners alike. Some listeners, however, still say that digital music media can’t compare to the quality that analog sources can reproduce. Georgia Home Theater would like to introduce you to a few products that may disprove that argument. These products do so well, even the audiophiles will have to yield and simply enjoy the music.


The Classé CP-800: The Pre-Amp Powerhouse

The Classé lineup has always been a stellar array of high quality Amplifiers, Pre-Amps, and Processors, but the new CP-800 (Price, $5000) may be the best yet. Featured ProductIt has options galore for the most laid-back listener to the hardcore audiophile. Imagine the crisp sound of an analog processor and pre-amp and the functionality of a Digital Audio Converter with multiple inputs, all in one package.

Georgia Home Theater currently have one of these in our showroom, so come check it out and see what it can do for yourself! Don’t take our word for it. For more information about the CP-800, click here.


Audiophile’s Guide to Setting Up iTunes

iTunes Support and Guide from AudioQuest

For years, iTunes has been the leading provider of a streamlined music interface, allowing users to either download music or upload CDs that have long since been stored away in a closet, collecting dust. While most people are satisfied with the music quality of the default iTunes settings, we recognize that many of our clients wish they could get a higher quality sound from their iTunes. Unfortunately though, the complex settings of iTunes probably frightens many.

Because of this, our friends at AudioQuest have designed a quick set-up guide for iTunes. This quick guide will give you instructions and screenshots and walk you through setting your iTunes up for the best, most pure sound, possible. To download the iTunes Computer Audio Setup Guide, click here (pdf file).


DragonFly – DAC for Your Computer Featured Product

Beautiful sound can now come from your computer! DragonFly is the latest innovation from AudioQuest. This high-performance, USB Digital-Audio Converter (DAC) drives your headphone/audio output directly using a 24-bit ESS Sabre conversion chip, bypassing the sound card built in to your computer. While most DACs come with a high price tag, DragonFly (Price, $249) is an affordable solution and delivers premium sound, and it is far superior to the DACs that are put into today’s computers.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the nuances that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better. We now have this in stock at our showroom, so feel free to come by and pick yours up. For more details in the DragonFly Brochure, click here (pdf file). To view the DragonFly information videos, click here.


The Sonos Wireless SUB

Sonos has been delivering some of the best wireless audio products on the market, and their newest product, SUB, is no different. SUB is a wireless subwoofer that seamlessly integrates with your Sonos System. Featured Product In true Sonos fashion, connecting SUB to your current Sonos system simply requires the touch of one button; there is no programming and no wiring necessary, simply press one button and follow the prompts on your Controller, the system will even automatically adjust the audio settings to give you the best sound for your entire Sonos system. If you are limited in space, SUB is the perfect choice! It’s compact design allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in your home, even lying flat under your couch or bed. While most subwoofers create a vibration, the design of SUB gives you a high quality subwoofer without the vibration, buzz, or rattle that plagues other subs. Not only will you hear the difference, but you will also feel it. At only $699, this subwoofer will also give you value unmatched by other wireless subs. For more information on the Sonos Wireless SUB, please click here.

Most legacy audiophile listeners rather enjoy their music in analog form, but digital music is here to stay and will only become more prominent. Let Georgia Home Theater help you continue to make your digital music collection just as enjoyable. Visit our showroom or call us at 770-955-8909 today.

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